5 Physical Assets Men Shouldn’t Have


First of all I have a disclaimer that the content in this article isn’t meant to demean any man out there. I write this honestly and with concern. It’s stereotypical for men to assume fashion is about keeping up with the latest trends and a women’s only topic. You need to understand that really it’s about presentation. So this is a list of assets I personally think are a no no for men.
I saw this guy walk past me in town. Sincerely if it wasn’t for his built you would confuse him for a lady. A man’s derriere is meant to be firm not adding an anaconda to his walk. If you do have an ass and you know it, at least be cautious of the clothes you were. Trust me the last thing you need is to feel a spank in town.
I believe men are crazy about these on ladies but going as far as growing your own; is a tad too much, don’t you agree? I respect Rick Ross but as soon as his shirt and vest go off, so does my respect. Don’t blame your weight or anything. Deal with it. I’m sure there’s a way to reduce their prominence.
Why on earth do you need long nails?? For us ladies, it’s for nail art and to have advantage in a cat fight. However, why men keep their nails long is beyond me. A friend once told me some to coke and the likes. A bit far fetched I agree but I’ll accept it.

Pot bellies
In Kenya, settling down or having a good lifestyle translates into a pot belly. So looking pregnant means life is good… clearly it’s the end times…but it’s none of my business; *sips coffee* Anyway, if life is really that good, why not take care of yourself. Avoid drinking like a fish, swimming pools of liquor might be the main cause of that inflammation.

Now before anyone lynches the messenger let me get my point across. When I say hair, I don’t mean facial hair or the normal head hair because honestly methinks a long haired Rodriguez or a rugged BruceWillis look are sexy. I’m talking about the other hairs protruding from the nose, ears or growing on the chest and knuckles. Some men walk around looking like hair greenhouses… I just can’t…
If I mentioned something you have, go back to the drawing board… I’ve probably helped you figure out why you’re still single. I’m out!