nba NBA-2K14-480x244Kenya has a relatively higher number of football fans compared to basketball fans. That’s perhaps why FIFA 14 is more played and bootlegged than the 2K14. I have played both (though am a football fan) but found out that 2K14 is by far more realistic than FIFA14. This is why:

2K14 has better graphics compared to FIFA14 and the player movements and details are almost matching up to reality. Sweat drips are very notable in 2K compared to FIFA.

  • 2K’s Career mode is just off the hook. FIFA14 just can’t match up. In 2K14, the player starts his journey while still in college and attends a gala for the NBA selection. Then there are endorsements, live interviews plus the player can talk to the press after every game…he can also beef with teammates or his coach. This is unlike FIFA where the player is only seen in the pitch and not on the outside stardom life.
  • 2K14 also has better side games and training facilities like the scrimmages and And One freestyles unlike FIFA which only concentrated on the main league games which are 11 a-side. In short, when you buy one 2k14 disc, you don’t have to buy an NBA Street disk unlike FIFA which will force you to buy a FIFA Street disc.
  • 2K14 has an amazing crowd atmosphere and detailed mechanics. Cheer ladies and mascots + celebrities in the stands can be seen in the crowds. Also, the sound can be edited and customized as in-court, stands or commentators aside.
  • 2K14 is more realistic and up to date unlike in FIFA where Arsenal can win trophies, hehe!!!