5 Reasons Why Ladies Watch Sports


After much discussion – interrogation where the subjects (ladies) were not aware – I ascertained that women who watch sports because of very ‘interesting’ reasons. Here are some:

1:As much as they pretend not to, some actually enjoy sports. They just put on a show for their girlfriends thus avoiding getting tagged ‘a tomboy’.

2:Athletes keep in shape and thus their physical attributes are very muscular. This drives women Cray!! – thus the rising numbers of men in gyms-Most women watch sports in the hope that the guy will take off his shirt, and also to check out his posterior. Rugby ‘fans’ are guilty of this.

3:Matches,mostly football basketball and rugby, attract a lot of fans. With the fans comes a very huge pool of date-able men, or at least spend thrift ones. Some women go to watch sports as predators, hunting on their possibly drunk, unsuspecting preys. Instant ATM for an indefinite period.

4:Sports Is a game of strategy… Some women use sports to learn tricks and manoeuvres that can come in handy at their workplaces or in their lives. Yes, those women exist.

5:If you do not fall into any one of those categories, am sure you fit well in this one. Your favorite show was not on,some sports match was trending and you hate being the ” dumb one” of your clique when they discuss things so you popped up the channel and watched the match.

Am I right??

Watch sports, get out of your comfort zone, it won’t kill you to try

By Vix