When I say always…I mean it folks.

Betty Kyalo is a  reknown TV screen siren and one of the few ladies who do not need to put in  a lot  of work to be recognized fashionably.Betty is the true definition of a slay queen. She is undeniably beautiful and knows how to rock it.

Here is why Betty will always slay;

  1. Good pairing of outfits

Borrow a leaf or two from this dear reader. It is the right pairing with one’s outfit  that end up making one look like a fashionista herself.

But get this right, wrong pairing ends up bringing a notion of a confused person who threw two attires or more in the name of pairing.

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  1. Her make-up

Be it with the frequent visits to her make-up-artist , she has it right with the brushes. Her make up is always on point and accentuates her face fairly well.  She does not end up looking like a clown but like the diva or do we say slayer !

  1. Good styling when it comes to her hair

Maybe we can owe this to the fact that Betty co-owns one of the best and posh hair parlours but truth is, her hair never disappoints.

Know your face shape ladies, and from there know the right hair that’s suitable. Point to note;  avoid hair that end up making you look older than you are or the simplest option ladies; get the tips from the lady herself by visiting the posh hair parlour.

  1. Keeps up with trends.

Who knew that she could pull out this look  so well…see why I said she slays folks ?

Despite her age (I’m not saying you’re old Betty ) , the latest fashion trends have been Betty’s favourite and she is able to rock the looks so well but with so much ease.

  1. She knows how to dress her figure.

Betty has never shied away from flaunting her sensational figure.

She knows her curves pretty well. Always to the task of dressing her curves.

Any other reasons why you love Betty Kyalo’s fashion sense? Tell us below.