5 Reasons Why Nameless Is A Skunk

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(Last Updated On: February 1, 2016)

Rapper Octopizzo refused the Bingwa Comeback of Year award because he hadn’t gone anywhere and has continued to do his music. He however suggested that the award be given to Wahu Kagwe, who was also nominated for the award as well as her hubby Nameless and Wakimbizi.

This seemed to cross Nameless the wrong way as he began to fire at Octopizzo on Instagram.


Here’s why we think he sucks not only ranting on social media but also how he did it:

  1. He mentions Wahu in the post like they do not live together

You live with her, speak to her in person not on instagram.

“Haiya…@wahukagwi ebu check this guy out. He says he is too big to receive this award!He even recommended that it be given to you,’’

  1. Wahu was actually nominated for the award

If Wahu was not in the nominees list for this award, then I would understand all this fuss. Octopizzo declined and gave a solid reason why. He then suggested that Wahu (who truthfully has not been in the music scene until recently when she collaborated with several other artistes on KWANGU254) receive it.

bingwa awards

  1. Took him a while

Taking over the world should take some time to plan, not firing shots on Instagram.

Nameless took a screenshot of Octo’s remarks 2 minutes after he posted on Saturday then decided to bash him two days later. As if it needed contemplation or inciting.

  1. Collision of statements

You cannot use the word “Tuheshimiane” then ask someone to humble themselves. “Tuheshimiane” is often used by an agitated person to his offender right before things down. It often precedes violence. Not a fist bump emoticon.

  1. He offers humble pie that he should eat

If a man acknowledges that your wife should be awarded or recognized for something, back him up don’t bash him. Nameless personalized this whole issue for no reason. Or is it that he does not feel confident in his partner’s work?

What do you think of the whole debacle? Tell us your thoughts below.

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