5 Reasons Why You Should Sext Your Better Half


1. If you don’t someone else will

What most people in relationships don’t realise is that straying of a partner starts when you fail in a certain area. Something as small as sexting can make an individual become less or more attracted.

2. Rekindles the desire

Especially if you’re in a long distance, texting and phone calls may not kill the thirst. So before you go sniffing around or give up consider sending a sext. Words typed out build up imagination and tension.I would discourage nudes but it depends with your trust levels.

3. Spices bedroom matters

Most people sext their fantasies. You may discover something your better half has secretly desired you to do or to do to you. Fulfilling someone fantasy will be exciting but as exciting as the recipient watching a seed of his imagination come to life.

4. Promotes exclusivity

If you sext within the borders of your relationship your better half will respect it as an exclusive item. If he or she starts elsewhere your relationship is a ticking time bomb.

5. Helps you know your partner’s preferred sex language

Theres are various sex languages. Some people want concise and direct ;tell them how you’ll rip their clothes and.. *censored*..
Others like a tease…playing a little hard to get. Some also have a thing for role playing; from a knight and a damsel in distress or a criminal and cop. You’d be shocked what else exists out there. More so if you haven’t taken the relationship to that level yet, you’ll know what pace or positions your partner prefers. No one gets it right the first time but you’ll be around that neighbourhood ๐Ÿ™‚

So what are you waiting for…sext away! :D..I’m out!