5 Reasons She’ll Consider Cheating


Cheating was always considered to be a man’s game. Men would cheat, she would silently carry the burden of knowing but stay faithful. Gone are those days. The 21st century girl doesn’t wait to be told her man is unfaithful; she sees it a mile away. Here are five reasons that could get your girl considering to find another.
1. Attention
A girl can tell when her man’s attention or interest towards her has decreased. She’ll ignore it at first possibly because we ladies tend to care too much. Then they’ll be days hearing from her man is like finding a drop of water in the Kalahari desert. Woe onto you if you’ve left her in such a state. She’s probably vetting candidates to cover up for your shortcomings.
2. Bedroom matters
This should have probably been number one. Men assume that women have low sex drive mostly because we can have self control and can be faithful to one guy for the longest time. On the contrary, females are very sexual beings. This probably explains why we have 1-minute guys and ladies need at least 15 minutes. If you can’t remember the last time you serviced your girl; she probably does and that’s what she’s clinging onto till the day you find time for again. Some females are stronger than others we can hold out from temptation either a new or old flame. However, everything has its breaking point so do what needs to be done! (pun so intended)
3. Accountability
There are those couples that don’t mind sharing the nitty gritty of their day. Who? What? Where? How? …and ladies love men who trust them enough to tell them this. However, when a man just says his day was good that smells omenaish. Call it being insecure I call it accountability. Once a lady realizes her man’s schedule revolves around a certain place or that she can’t just stop by his place to surprise him… worse still doesn’t know where he lives: “Houston we have a problem” We need assurance and if we ain’t getting that what will build the trust. The words I love you is not a cure for everything. You should know that by now.
4. Spending
Every girl secretly wishes for a guy that can spend money on her without looking at the receipts in shock. I’m not asking you to take a loan or anything. I’m asking you to spoil her maybe its shoes she likes take her shoe shopping. It can’t be that hard to figure out what to spend on for her. I know a guy who was dumped because he didn’t spend on his chic. That was her reason and I think it was valid. Spoiling her is in investing in her. If you don’t someone else will.

5. Conversation!
This should have also been number one. You see for a man to cheat it’s because of what he saw; they are visual. On the other hand, ladies are emotional creatures. We like to have stimulation of the mind and heart before we can even consider other levels. If you stop conversing with her topics that get you to disagree to agree; the height of attraction decreases. You see a lady’s mind is analytical. You may have stopped conversing with her but there are other men around her. As much as we deny it, we compare everything we come across in our minds. Unfortunately, men can’t escape this analysis. So after a period of time we know a certain guy does this more or better than my guy… and the height of attraction increases only to surpass that of the guy she’s been faithful to. It’s sad but true.

So guys before you call us unfaithful or whatever horrendous words are rolling in your minds. Think back to your actions. Peace… I’m out!