Joining the University is a life-changing moment where most students get lost in excitement. First years never get time to decide where to stay in their opening semester so most end up stuck in campus hostels. It is always a hard time adjusting to the new environment hence there is always trouble in campus hostels. Here are 5 reasons why we have always detested them:

  1. Congestion

If you have been in a public University you know what I am talking about. I remember in my first year we were 6 guys in one tiny room in Laikipia University! We had 3 double decker beds. We rarely had space to keep other stuff we brought along. Public Universities in Kenya admit above 5000 students each academic year without looking at their accommodation. Congestion makes it unbearable to stay in campus hostels.

2. Hygiene

Most Universities in Kenya have the most ignorant staff you will ever find. Hostels might get littered all over due to students assuming that there are people who are paid to clean up. We also have different characters of students that you get to stay with if you are on campus that mess the whole thing up. You have to put up with the smell from the washrooms, and also your own roommate who believes showering makes them lose weight.

3. Cost of Living

Last month there was a mini-strike at the University of Nairobi because students were being barred from cooking in the hostels. Most campuses do not allow cooking in the hostels thus students have to use the restaurants around. When you sit down to calculate the total cost spent on campus and compare it to those staying outside at the end of the semester you will realize you used more money.

4. Hostel Rules

There is a certain rule that has been hated by most students who managed to stay in campus hostels at one time. It is called the 10 to 10 rule. For those who do not know it I will let you in. This rule states that no students of opposite genders should be found in the same room earlier than 10am and later that 10pm. There is also the rule of no cooking in hostels!

5. Exile

This was one of my most painful sessions on campus. We normally share rooms in hostels but it gets to a point where one member deserves the room more than the others do. We have all sorts of arrangements on campus these days where one member in a room will need to get laid! Imports mean bringing girls or guys from different Unis for conjugal visits. Then exile means the other roommates will have to look for places to crush when this is taking place.Pirating is when you guys go and crush some other hostel for bed space. I bet you already hate campus hostels by now!