It’s not easy leaving a relationship that has taken some investment in terms of money to build it. Guys never leave relationships unless they are caught cheating! There are reasons though if the relationship is becoming too much for the guy.

  1. She’s a Feminist

If your girl believes in the theory that is feminism, you have to leave! Angry feminists can maim or straight up kill you. Their idea of equality is way out of line and there’s no single male soul that can handle that. She might make you wash the dishes every day, clean up the house like you are her maid!

2.She’s lazy

The world has started siring these extremely lazy girls that won’t do a thing except sit on the couch and watch Tyler Perry movies the whole weekend. You don’t want that! If she’s so used to ordering food and making sure it gets delivered to your door then she’s wrong for you. Your mum may need some help in the near future with cooking and other chores and all the blame would fall on you for bringing home a lazy woman.

3. No time for you


The modern man is more emotional compared to other species of men that have come before him. Men need emotional support too. These days’ men cry even in public! You are going to need a girl to help you out during such tantrums. If all her time is spent with her friends or in clubs and other events without you, then you should leave. You are going to need a shoulder to cry on sometimes and if she is not available then just leave her.

4. Her Company

The kind of people your girl hangs out with might tell a lot about her behavior. Check for her friends and if possible be in contact with them but not in a threatening way like you are going to hit on them. Bad girls attract strangers in your life that may turn dangerous and cause collateral damage to you. Talk about it and if she wants to keep her friends, then leave probably with one of her friends!

5.Extreme Behaviors

Some stunts that girls pull off in relationships may outright scare a guy! She might be an extremely bad cook but blow up your bed game and leave you really confused. Others may be so much into hobbies and force you along to scary adventures. I’m scared of heights so mountain climbing will be out of order! If you are scared of her, run for your life!