You’ve been eyeing him for a while now. The bet advice you can ever receive is the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Well we have some recipes that will take you there on an express ticket.

  1. Beef Pilau 

Almost every man loves pilau. Make sure to have the right spices to make the meal heavenly.

2. Samosas

The recipe isn’t simple and s he will instantly fall in love once you tell him you made them.

3. Mukimo and Stew

Whether he is a Kikuyu or not, the combination of peas and potatoes will fill his tummy up, making him relax in your hostel and never want to leave.

4. Chapati Stew

Men love chapati, you can never go wrong especially if you make them yourself.


5. Ugali, nyama na Kachumbari

The effort and woman power needed to properly whip the ugali will truly show him you love him. Instantly making him fall for you.

Having made one of these, get him his favorite drink and watch the magic…