Social media has taken a large part of our lives and it has turned into a necessity. It has turned into a basic need so to say. We have profiles all over the internet and it has become easier for people to find each other. There are numerous advantages related to social media but then how far has it gone in wasting a lot of our precious time. Here are 5 signs that you might actually be very hooked on it.

  1. Your face is always facing downwards

You are stuck on your phone, face on that large screen that phones have these days. All your conversations are held while your face is stuck on your screen. This is because looking up might make you miss something important or non-important for that matter.

  1. Your phone is always on low battery

Not a genuine reason to you being addicted but I’m sure when you bought that phone it lasted for more than 3 hours. These days you need a power bank or your charger when you are walking around. The charge on your battery does not go for one hour without being drained. Too much use of the phone and I’m sure at your age Candy Crush is a kid’s game.

  1. Disappointment

When you are separated with your phone the world becomes a dark place. In your head it feels like you are living in an era where the Israelites were crossing the Mediterranean Sea. This might be due to electricity or brokenness. You become sad and cannot speak to anyone.

  1. You keep quoting it

Have you ever had a conversation with one of your friends and they keep telling you about Xtiandela’s new Vlog? If you know who that is then you are heading towards this chronic addiction to social media. If you keep referring to social media sites when conversing with people then there is a big problem with your life.

  1. Health Issues

Are you fat or extra skinny? Let’s start off with the majority, fat guys. Sitting on a couch and browsing your phone the whole day while feeding on junk food gets you loaded with extra meat. The minority too have a problem. I know of guys who sit in the house the whole day on their phones and end up skipping some meals just because they will miss the banter going on about Arsenal and 10 goals. Your body gets affected and mostly emotionally because social media has a lot of pretenders.