Another lovely weekend comes to an end with the ugly weekday rearing it’s head reminding us of our short-lived joy. Sunday might as well been called slug day coz of that sluggish feeling. However, since we don’t want you missing  lecs or disappointing your internship supervisors; here are a few quick tips to jump-start you from 0-100.
1. Drink up
Mostly the sluggish feeling is caused by being intoxicated literally. Your body is working overtime to get rid of whatever got you high. Drinking up fluids helps this process. Water probably more than the usual 8 glasses, blended juices are also known to aid in detox and boost productivity. So bottoms up people.
2. Eat up
Weekends allow one to wander into an uncut menu edition. Junking and snacking our way through a night out partying or a night in with bae. Despite the lack of appetite, I’d encourage you to eat. Small foods and fruits rich in vitamins and starch get you pumped up in the right way. A fruit salad, a packet of ginger biscuits or even a bar of chocolate can help you revitalize and get back into that optimum working mode.
3. Work out
When I say work out I don’t literally mean going to the gym; I’m referring to the little things that keep you active. Using the stairs instead of an elevator (escalator for those in Strath)  or walking in between campuses instead of using the school shuttle. This will also help pump you up and clear your body of all the nasty toxins you put into it.
4. Plan ahead
Most people hate the start of a new week simply because over the weekend they postponed some notes they were meant to write, or failed to do an assignment. Worse still, most people have no clue where and when the next lecture will be.
To avoid all this: Use at least an hour prior to bed time to get to know the classes or meetings you have for the next day. Being prepared will help avoid the throw off caused when caught off-guard. 
5. Sleep enough
Don’t look at me like that. It’s a fact early to bed early to rise. When your mind and body has had enough rest you won’t have to drag your body from one point to another as if you’re a character from the walking dead. You’ll have the energy to listen and your mind will be alert enough to make mental notes…so say goodbye to floating during group discussion two weeks ahead of the end of semester exams.
There you have it dearies… you’re totally welcome.