Music gets people going. They make people from different ethnicity speak one language. Well 2014 saw the rise of many musicians and great musical hits with them. Some hits are still very popular till date.
Here is a list of the top 5.
1. Happy – Pharell Williams
He outdid himself on this one. It was so catchy that the whole world created their own version of the video. That’s the definition of a Hit Song.

2. Loyal-Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Tyga
This one has been a hit since late December last year when it was released. Being the topic of many discussions and a great sing along at clubs and various parties.

3. Rude – Magic
By far the most unique rock song out there… The lyrics coupled with those beats just made that song magical *pun intended*

4. We Dem Boys-Wiz Khalifa
Talk of another catchy tune…. And there’s something about the song that just gets you singing along . maybe it’s the weed… Who knows??

5. Shmoney Dance-Bobby Shmurda
This is undoubtedly the most intriguing dance this year.It’s easy, It’s fun and the amount of versions out there just make you laugh. Good start for this new artist.

Can you think of any other songs that rocked your 2014?