5 Star; Octopizzo Rules!!

I had to be disciplined and not to go out last Friday night. I knew if I raved the previous night I will probably be groggy the following day and that was not an option Octopizzo was finally dropping his album then and I wasn’t missing it for shit. Was my excuse instead I sat down watched movies, and finally sato was here.

People were streaming in from 10am, even the gloomy weather didn’t let it stand in their way of attending the LDGC album launch, after ‘Mama’ and ‘Ivo Ivo Ivo’ it was going to be amazing, since this time it was all about appreciating his career and how far he’s come, immediately I got in I was ushered to the VIP section not joking . As I sat there looking all important trying to catch a glimpse of Octopizzos crew, I could see spider of the famous camp mulla crew strolling around. I had to ease the poor guys frustrations so I told him we have never met and he just chuckled. I asked about the Camp Mulla break up, trying to get some dirt of course which he dint give me details but in between his weng and my pardons I understood he was trying to jump start his career as a solo artiste. Just before I was able to throw mistari, we were interrupted by the MC the event was about to start, I had to let him go.

MC point blank was on point pan intended , as his grey suit did justice to his look , not forgetting he actually looked taller than he is , the different curtain raisers were about to go on stage , the line up was all a surprise no one knew who was going on.

Mau mau got on stage and before I go on, not the Ukoo Flani Mau Mau crew, you could tell his new at this but they were great. Following closely was Hassan the rapper from Mogadishu. As he started dancing to the back it up anthem he immediately stole the crowd , I dint get most of it though. Then the third artiste , went on stage I realized this were not ordinary artistes, they were Refugees , got me thinking of the work Octopizzos has been doing in Kakuma with the UNHCR talk about making a difference in the community. The DJ’s present were DJ Final cut, DJ Krowbar, DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Sadic, DJ Mo, DJ Styles, and DJ Pinye.

At around 2pm Jalang’o and Owago Onyiro took to the stage followed by Eric Omondi who sang Rusha Mawe which cracked everyone. Obinna also joined the duo with his Nigerian accent which never gets old and pulled a fast one on a fan and ended up with his phone, I hope the poor dude got his phone back.

Jalang'o and Eric Omondi humour the audience
Jalang’o and Eric Omondi humour the audience

And finally at around three pm Octopizzo took to the stage and the fans went wild, me included, not mentioning the ndulas he had on, still trying to figure out how much he paid for them. He rocked the crowd with mama dedicating it to all the mothers out there and the fans sang along, and of course a moment of silent to all the lost soldiers out there, he left the crowd chanting ‘OCTO OCTO!’.

The album comprises songs such as Let me Know, Wuoda, RIP and War had all hallmarks of an inspirational person as the ever-humble Octopizzo sought to talk about the social issues that are in our society today.

Octo made good use of the occasion and introduced his two daughters to the fans, advising the youth to respect family values. There was also a moment of divine intervention as DJ Krwobar prayed on stage.

Dj Krowbar prays during the concert
Dj Krowbar prays during the concert

Thumbs up

The event deserves a 5-star rating for the energy and intensity that was shown by both the artists and the fans. Fans can only look forward to this Kibera-bred rapper getting better and his music continues to wow the masses. I’ll take your girl take whore your take your wife, Octopizzos new album is different from his previous one , this one being more hyped than his last its encouraging…and of course seeing Octopizzo’s lovely family hand him support on this day was super sweet.

Octo introduces his adorable daughters
Octo introduces his adorable daughters

I am not saying this because I like the guy, but he killed the show, this is the one and only spider!! His song ‘am so hot’ his one liner moved the crowd and everyone couldn’t stop chanting am so hot.

Thumbs down

The sound system was faulty and it shut off a couple of times thus interrupting the show, though the crowd was on point the interruptions were irritating, and this led to the launch ending earlier than promised which sucked!

However, this was the coolest hip-hop concert Nairobi has seen in a while.

Photography courtesy of Lensqueen(Nicole Wandera).

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