Men may get frustrated because we ladies are probably the hardest people to read. Our mood changes faster than ice on a frying pan. This may make things difficult in a relationship and a man doesn’t know when to make a move. Keep calm men…here are a few tips.

1.She wants time alone with you.

If she turns down a night out for an evening in with you it shouldn’t be that hard to put 1+1 together. Women will always have a coy side so this can be code language for she wants you.

2.Body language

This is an international language which allows people like Trey Songz to get foreign women. The easy give aways are eye contact, lingering body contact, heavy breathing or change in heartrate. Be keen and don’t let your thirst (lust) misguide you.

3. She sexts you like her life depends on it
If a woman sexts you especially in a long distance relationship, she’s hanging in there. If she does nothing but talk about sex and missing those tosses between the sheets you need to work fast. It’s a critical stage and some ladies with no self esteem or dignity may call up an old flame just to put out the fire…and we all know how that story ends.