In the light of the recent KU strike over Sammy Otieno’s barricade in the student council elections where there was alledged destruction and assault. I found it necessary to jot a few key point to note if you’re caught in the middle of it all. I mean it’s not the first time property has been looted or destroyed as men are assaulted and ladies lose their dignity.

1. Stay safe

By saying stay safe I mean stay away from the strike. Ladies this goes to you especially. There is nothing for you there… I repeat NOTHING! If you leave near home run like the wind towards there. Girls are defiled all too often in this tyrant situations. If you don’t mind it go ahead. Otherwise you can show your support in spirit.

2. Check in

Inform your family or friends of your whereabouts. I may sound paranoid but it would be wise just incase you lose your phone or you end up missing in the fracas. It will give the police leads to find you.

3. Have each others backs

If you have a crew or group of friends chill with them till the situation cools off. There’s always safety in numbers.The worst thing you can choose to do is act like she-hulk and chill with fake pals in the hostels at ground floor.. that will only be a survival for the fittest scenario.

4. For the business minds.

Very few people can do what I’m about to suggest because it’s not for the faint hearted. Strikes offer a lot of business opportunities. Shops close, press need pictures and accounts of what exactly happened. Do just that. Be the go to guy. For food, for information on what went down. You may lose class time but at least you found the silver lining of that dark cloud.

5. Be realistic

It’s never that serious. Those leaders you’re vehemently supporting have getaway plans and will leave you to face the heat of the police. I bet the 18 students who have been arraigned in court this morning feel stupid for supporting such a molehill issue that will stain their record