5 Things You Need To Know About the Kenyan Job Search

Ironically, Kenya has the highest literacy in Kenya but that is instead counteracted by the level of unemployment in Kenya.

Every year we have more than 10,000 graduates but the next step of getting a job is always a puzzle that is yet to be solved. However, we have a number of successful entrepreneurs in the country and we can borrow a leaf or two on how to conquer the unemployment.


  • Bridge The gap


Being authentic is always the key. This will help one to bridge the gap that is there in any given market. Having studied an area and all the activities going on, there is always a gap that is needed to be bridged. The thought of being employed can be turned into a graduate or even a schooling person to be an employer. All that is needed is to bridge the gap? What is amiss in an area that seems to have all kinds of businesses?


  • Venture Into Something Lucrative


One of the many mistakes unemployed graduates/youths can learn from businesspeople is venturing into something that will not even excel. Always learn how to approach a business that is lucrative. A good example is beauty business. That has become the in thing, however very competitive. The secret is, even venturing into a lucrative business, strive to be different from all the others.


  • Execute Your Skills Fully


One of the problems we have is graduates not thinking out of the box. One does not have to necessarily venture into that which one pursued as a course. Instead, to approach the unemployment that is there, execute your skills. Utilize the skills learnt while pursuing the course.


  • Internships/ Attachments


Internships or attachments always turn out to be a learning experience for an unemployed youth. That can be to one’s advantage from the skills learnt. One of the things that are causing unemployment is lack of skills. Employers are busy looking for people with 3-5 Years’ experience but if you present a CV that indicates you have been in  an internship for more than 2 companies definitely that will be a point for the employer to consider.


  • Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty


Venture into agri-business or anything else apart from an office job. White collar jobs are not the only money making jobs. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

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