Many Universities are returning to school this week but the period extends from now up-to around September considering how many students love to extend their holidays. I mean its campus, not high school so nobody is going to send you back home so why not?

At the start of a new semester, it’s advisable to prepare oneself and of course it’s necessary to buy a few things if need be that one feels like they may need in the course of the semester. Here are five things I think one may need to purchase as they prepare to start the new semester.


A backpack is pretty much necessary considering the very many things a student needs and has to use from time to time such as a note book and pens, laptops and tablets, phone and all the necessary charging cables required to charge all the accessories.

A note book and colored pens

Some students use laptops and note pads to take notes but majority of them still use note books and pens. Colored pens may not seem that important but trust me, reading notes all written in say color blue or black can be boring. Colored pens not only make the notes writing fun, but also the reading itself.

A smartphone

In Campus a smartphone is just as important as a laptop is. Most lectures give directions through what’s app groups and the same applies to most official class announcements. It can also be important in other ways like taking pictures of the notes when you don’t feel like writing them down. Most importantly a lot of students do their revisions on their smart phones.

A ‘fire’ music playlist

Music helps relieve the stress one may be going through in campus for whatever reason. Some of us also use it to escape the boredom from boring lectures for those not so interesting Units but aye, that’s not advisable.


Now, I know that sounds very basic but to the men c’mon, don’t go back with the same old tattered paired of socks you had last semester. It’s important to purchase a good number of pairs for those who don’t enjoy cleaning up as you can wear the different pairs before you finally decide to clean up. It also feels good and comfortable when you know you are wearing some new ones.

Chewing Gum/Mint

This is important purposely for keeping your breath fresh. You don’t wanna open your mouth and make your classmates uncomfortable do?