5 Things I Would Do if I Owned an Iphone 6

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(Last Updated On: September 15, 2014)

So I was watched the Iphone 6 advert a while back and honestly it looks like the result of a threesome between an Iphone, Macbook and I pad. It’s pretty sleek but damn expensive. I mean it will take some of these humans 2 years to pay for it… with interest. However, since I can’t preorder…I’m allowed to imagine what I would do if I actually got my hands on one. So here’s my list.

• Movies on the go! You know how we spend hours in traffic. I’d be watching movies. Considering it has a 4.7” retina HD

(5.5” for the plus)… I can’t think of better use than that.

• Goodbye flashes and externals! This mighty phablet (read I-blet) has an internal memory of 16GB but the plus edition

has an internal memory of 64-128 GB. No wonder it’s so big! You could have more than 50 apps with this amount of

space before you see the ever annoying insufficient space notification.

• Selfie mode! Get this… Apple has optimized all features of the camera. From the autofocus, face detection, auto

stabilization, and optical image stabilization to panorama. The ISight camera is probably the best for selfie addicts and

professionals too. Your videos are also of high quality even if its 30min or 30 hrs. In fact you can take a slow motion

video. Now that would be a must try out for me.

• Sticky fingers! We all have those friends who visit or link up with you but end up borrowing our phones and spend more time going through it. The fingerprint ID is the ultimate way to ask these people to take a hike!

• Safe haven! In Nairobi having a large phone and outing it in your pockets is a no no… Since the Iphone 6 is ridiculously anorexic (in a good way) but annoyingly wide I would consider buying it its own purse. Imagine that Bugatti moment when you pull out a purse from your purse and take out an Iphone 6… sigh.. I’d definitely pull this stunt.

Despite the crashing of the preorder system we are still looking forward to its launch later this week. Till then we can dream big…no?

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