Kenya has had a bad start to this New Year with the doctors’ and lecturers’ strike taking center stage. The government is in a crisis and now University students are clueless on what they are supposed to do. We have fourth years who were supposed to be completing their second semester before April. Disappointed as they could be and other students included, you could still do something fun.

  1. Network

Get out of the house and walk around. Know people, companies and other connections that could help you in the near future. If your college is situated near an urban center find out what firm is related to what you are currently studying. Find phone numbers and email addresses so that when you finally get out you know who to look out for help.

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2. Discover Yourself

You have all this time on your hands meaning you could stretch out your options in life. Have some fun, get friends over and get a feel of how party life is. Get together with people in your community which is in campus and discover how their opinion affects you. Try a sport you are probably not going to have time to play when you get out of school.

3. Travel

It’s been 2 months already and that’s almost over 60 days meaning you could do anything in this time that lecturers have failed to be in class. Travel to a different place, like Mumias or Teso! See what the rest of Kenya looks like and improve your knowledge of the country. Meet people of different languages and culture and learn something from them.

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4. Read

Novels are all over the streets of Nairobi and the cheapest goes for 5okshs! Get a good one and read something fun. Read wide and expand your vocabulary so that you get words to express yourself next time you want to approach some other student of the opposite sex! Read the latest books so you don’t look dumb the next time your friends are talking about Nicholas Sparks.

5. Family time

Hang out with family to help you connect. Get into conversations with your dad, mum or your other siblings. Young people in colleges do not have time for their old folks sometimes and it brings conflict in most families. Listen to your family members and when I say listen it means put your over heating Infinix away and have a real conversation. We hope the lecturers strike ends soon but please do something nice before it does.