5 Things to Do if Internship Isn’t Going Your Way


Internship is probably the hardest part of campus. We are an impatient lot and working for no pay is not in our to do list. So many worst case scenarios can be derived from working as an intern. However, I’m here to just elaborate what you can do in those cases.

1. Perserve
It may sound like a tough thing to do but it’s actually tougher. You may be an honours student but to them you’re just an intern… the new kid… the form one of the group. You may cringe at the thought but as long as no respect boundaries are crossed by you or them: you’re good. Moreover, it’s only for a season.
2. Soak up skills
Most interns hope their work contract will be extended and then cry and wallow when it doesn’t happen. Be the clever one! Learn from your superiors maybe by indirectly asking questions or observing. These skills may seem senile but keep practicing. It may be IT related or quick solutions to deadline related issues. Either way when the right time comes for you to use them: you’ll know.
3. Plan a back-up
Similar to the point above but more initiative based. If you’ve had a project in mind, this time is perfect to put some structure to it. You can begin with a basic social media page or blog to gather support from family and friends. This quick word of mouth marketing works like a forest fire: once it starts it doesn’t stop as quickly. So take that leap of faith.
4. Do your projects excellently
Whatever your project involves do it without failure. You’d be shocked the big difference wrong filing can do to a company. With this your supervisor could possibly trust you more. If he does hate on you instead: do number one of this list. It’s hard but only for a season. Moreover, do your projects exclusively don’t waste time gossiping or venting on social media about it. Remember how many people lose their jobs and reputations through internet.
5. Be bold
I’m not asking you to dress up or show naked to work. When I say be bold I’m referring to your interactions in the office. Don’t shy from engaging you superiors in conversation. Find out their line of thought on basic subjects such as politics, sports or a contemporary issue within the society. Some may call it ass kissing I call it shaping your mind. Once you show your bold side, they’ll remember you even after you finish your internship. That’s the problem with most interns they love keeping a low profile. But how to you expect to impress with no audience…. Food for thought yes?…Hope you’ve grasped something if not re-read for your sake.. I’m out!