Student life is fun if you know your way around trouble. By this I mean avoiding anything that might get you suspended or expelled. When you want to have fun make sure you are on the good side of the University’s administration but also creating an advantage for yourself. Attending classes is one thing you are supposed to do on campus but what if the lecturer or the lecture itself is ‘extremely’ boring? Well how about I give you some tips:

  1. Text

Phones are allowed in most lecture halls in Kenya and so it gets easy for students during a lecture. Lectures in Kenyan Universities are always dictation of notes sometimes with no explanation at all. How about you start texting? I know you could always get notes from that ‘nerd’ who never misses in any class. Text other people and enjoy the moment instead of suffering in the lecture hall.

2. Sleep

Students never get enough sleep while in campus. When you are one who managed to squeeze in some HELB money and bought a laptop, sleep is never enough especially in class. The laptop is normally a close friend. For movies and the latest music and the free WIFI provided on campus, you never get time to close your eyelids. You could hide out in the back of the hall and catch up on some sleep you lost watching the latest episode of “If Loving you is wrong” last night.

3. Social media

There will always be one guy who sends posts on Whatsapp or Facebook during lectures. When the lecturer is boring you will get the comments in your class social media group. Some will blatantly laugh out loud forgetting the lecturer is in class. It doesn’t hurt to try this, it makes the lecture more bearable.

4. Finish Pending Assignments

Lectures in most Kenyan Universities is all about writing like I said before. How about you finish that Communications 101 assignment the lecturer gave out? How about you update your missing notes while missing these other notes being given out at the moment? Boring lecturers know it but they cannot help it because it is their job, but you could have some fun moments while it lasts.

5. Listen to Music

Migos have a new album out, Kendrick Lamar is topping charts, Safaricom have probably released a ring back tone with Jaguar crying and maybe Maina and Kingangi have decided to talk about serious matters that may help reduce the price of Unga! Earphone plugged in, eyes on the boring lecturer and you are good to go.