A Kenyan broke the record once again.Well, this time it wasn’t in the marathon arena but the internet. For three days straight our very own DJ Crème dominated the social media trends staying on top of the trending topics like a boss. Forget Kim Kardashian who invented breaking the internet slogan, Crème took it and owned it and that thanks to the 5 minute flick of serious ass clapping. The sex tape here broke the internet with all kinds of reactions coming from all corners, internet bullies had a field’s day trolling the Scream Dj oops sorry.

Everybody and their baby mommas have now watched the video, many have castigated the DJ for his act making the video arguing he’s a family man who shouldn’t be doing such. For starters, in his apologetic response, Crème said the clip was captured way back in his reckless days before getting married. Crème is not the first person neither the last person to make themselves a sex tape I’m sure you reading this has at a point thought or done it already, don’t be lying son. All the excuses aside, should you or shouldn’t you make a sex tape yourself.

Here are some facts to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t put your face in it

When you’ve decided to make one with your partner for future reference, you know keeping tabs, unless you’re going to keep the video in a vault somewhere and only opens with your DNA protection and not just leave it on your phone or computer, don’t dare show your face. If the flick gets leaked online, you know it’s a lot of thirsty ninjas waiting for such moments. No face and it’s not yours, see the miracle. Imagine how easy crème would be now if the video leaked and his face wasn’t on it.

2. Clean up the damn room

Hygiene guys, if you’ve decided to dance the devil’s tune, pump up the damn volume, clean up that room, and make a good set. You know unless you know you’re shooting some low budget ghetto porn ain’t no excuse for staying in a messy room.

3. A good damn camera with good lighting

Don’t be using a 1.2MP camera giving images that look more blurred than a pinhole camera, you’re a photographer here now remember, get a good damn camera with good lighting. This gives clearer and sharper image more appealing unlike in the opposite you come out looking all shady af.

4. Go hard or go home

When you decide well, lights camera action, you better put up you’re A game on that shit coz even yourself you won’t be happy watching an under performance, I mean damn pop some pills if you that Chinese kinda guy, always in a hurry. Just for that day though. Disclaimer. Take it as an audition set, do the best has never been done, you don’t wanna end up with that 90% Clapping, this gets me, 8% hugging, and 2% the main action like ya boy.

5. Put a leash on your gadgets

Any moment you start taking private images and having them on your phone or wherever, keep them under lock I mean anyone can bump into them. Just to be safe, have a password all the times that way only you can access and in case the gadget get lost or spoils, no one can access the files and would only after flashing the memory out, be smarter than your Smartphone guys.

By Kenya West @KinyanBoy