For the last couple of weeks the world cup has been rocking the air waves as one of 2018’s biggest football event.

It begun with a lot of hopes but seems like the end will be different you know full of surprises, broken hearts and lost hopes.  With many of us having taken all those losses already, you don’t want to take yet another loss by losing your bae as well.

However if you have been taking 30 minutes or so or before replying to your bae’s texts or even have been putting her on old during all those matches, then you might have a lot of making up to do for your bae. Here are some useful tips on how to do so;

Some sweet texts and at least a call or two a day

That might have to be your starting point because if you she doesn’t reply to your texts or calls then how you are you even going to make any future plans? Send those sweet texts she might have been missing from you, show her she is still your priority and you miss her. Of course a call or two will definitely speed up the process.

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Take her on a lunch date

By lunch date I don’t mean you dig such a deep hole in your pocket, if your pockets are not as deep just ball on a budget. Some chips and Kuku and a drink in a nice looking restaurant could do the magic in most cases you know.

Take her on a movie date

If you could afford to bet a thousand or a couple for a team that ended up losing then you should definitely be willing to put a couple of notes a side to take her for a movie date at Imax. You could organize and just surprise her with a movie she may have been talking about.

Give her more time to cover up for the time she felt neglected

Now that you haven’t been giving her enough attention then there is a chance that she felt kind of neglected and you need to make it up to her ASAP before someone else does. Spend some more time with her and be available anytime she needs you, well at least for the next couple of days.

Remind her she is your priority

Lastly even with all the above actions just to prove to her she is your number one priority, your girl loves to hear you say it. Don’t shy off from saying it to her, it’ll warm her heart and maybe it’ll save your situation.