As some of us are drawing closer to our end of semester exams we would just like to give you a heads up of the kinds of invigilators that tag along with lecturers that you may come across.

  1. The clueless one

You could use a mwakenya, whisper, or use your phone right under his nose and he won’t even notice. They are mostly unaware of the schemes students use to cheat through their papers.

The Evolution Of Mwakenya

2. All threats and no action

There are those invigilators who come in ready to catch those cheaters. They threaten you endlessly about the dire consequences of being caught cheating under his watch. When they catch you, you can easily get out of trouble with a smile or charming words.

  1. The lecturer’s pet

This is one is ready to swing whatever way the lecturer in charge swings. If the lecturer is strict…then he will be too. If he is easy then so he will be. They mostly follow the lecturers for a soda after the exam is done.


  1. The paranoid one

This guy will constantly come and lean in checking your paper, darting his eyes from one room to another and sometimes he may falsely accuse students of cheating or attempting to. The get really edgy when you so much as borrow an eraser from another classmate. It’s never that serious guys.

  1. The “go to” guy

This one will totally close his eyes as you cheat. He will see and hear no evil. You might have to bribe some of these ones though.

Although there are serious consequences of cheating like being suspended or discontinued in extreme cases students especially in public universities do it anyway.

Is there any kind of invigilator in your school that you feel we’ve left out? Share your thoughts with us.