University campuses are like a society made up of students that are brought together by different aspects of life. Sharing a room is one common ground that makes students in campus understand each other. This factor brings into question the type of roommates we have on campus.

  1. Religious

These types of roommates never miss in the University. They are students who have been brought up in a Christian family and will do anything to continue with their faith on campus. They wake up early in the morning and say a prayer for all of you in the room and invite you to Bible studies. Although most succumb to peer pressure eventually and leave their religion, some manage to make it to the end of college.

2. Quiet

Quiet roommates are like a new site that is yet to be discovered. They keep a lot to themselves and rarely say a word. When it comes to making decisions and rules in the room they always move with the floe without any complains. They are scared to go against other roommates because mostly they do not want trouble. These are the type that you can use their basin, toothpaste, soap or even socks without hearing any complains from them.

3. Noisy Roommates

They are loud and always vulgar. They are new but do not have that naïve look in their eyes. They already have friends and are well known by some other 10 students. They express themselves adequately and always find power in using the latest curse words in their conversations. They will start fights in the room and disappear for sometimes. They are confident in who they are and will stop at nothing to make you realize that!

4. Focused Roommates

These types of roommates are only on campus for one thing, education. They do not waste time in talking about the latest fashion trends or who won in the beef between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. They are always on top of things. They submit their assignments on time and attend all classes. They wake up at 5am each day to prepare for the new day ahead. And they have few friends.

5. Confused Roommates

Campus to them is just another place to stay. They are unbothered if I could put it that way. They always sleep late maybe due to playing FIFA or watching the latest episode of Love and Hip-hop. They wake up at 11am the next morning without a clue when then next class is. Confused roommates are always fun to watch, as they never take anything seriously. They attend fun events, might get drunk and they always end up in beautiful relationships!