The school year has started and its time to bunk up with a stranger or if you are lucky, your bff. Am talking about roommates people!! An important part of the varsity life is having to room up with one to three roommates depending on your level and the room you applied for.

If you didn’t get one you’ll probably rent outside school grounds or “Pirate” with your buddies and there’s a possibility you will still have room mates.
If in UoN, sources tell us that there’s a waiting list dubbed “THE QUEUE” where students are hopefully waiting for room allocation. Side Note-This sucks!!!!! Either give me a room or tell me to go fish. Sitting on the fence is not pretty.
Anyway, here are the common roommates you will find in campus;
1. The Infinite Omena Odour (IFO) roommate: Lord knows I had one of those(Am not being mean it got to a point where even when he isn’t around that distinct smell still hit you like a bus driven by a granny high on coco).
2. The Intense gamer: We all love playing games, from FIFA to F1, however that enjoyment goes out the window when your roommate is screaming at the TV after his grenade didn’t explode fast enough in COD at 3 am.
constant gamer
3. The Borrower
So you got your clothes washed together now the shirt has magically disappeared. It then reappears on your bed with some added features; deodorant stains, perfume, cologne, holes, and a new red stain conveniently right front and center. The same goes for food. Guess in the end you have to resort to hiding from each other.
4. The party animal
Yes its uni and constantly listening to loud music is a must, however it changes when it is in your own hostel that is the party location.
hostel party
5. The sleeper
This guy or girl, is always asleep. Whenever you get in from your classes to the time you go out at night, he/she always seems to be sleepy. Why are you so tired?
sleeping roommate
Having roommates is sort of a blessing in disguise, you learn how to share and for the femmes you get someone to share with, cry with and all of those other little things ladies do when the doors shut. For guys you learn the art of “Exile” where you lock your room mates out in order to have a few quiet minutes or hours with your significant other.
So, brace yourselves for the once in a lifetime experience. Whichever kind of roommate you find yourself bunking with, remember to be understanding but before your patience runs out sit them down and talk with them and try to understand their view of things. It worked for me not too long ago.
All the best!!!!
Any other roommates you have had? Comment below.