5 Ways To Land An Internship

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(Last Updated On: March 11, 2016)

Internships or volunteering need no experience but they need devotion and for you to display your potential. So, how do you land that internship?

  1. Apply in as many organizations as possible

Never put your eggs in one basket. There is a huge chance that you will get rejected in one or two applications but not all of them. This is just to increase your chances of landing your internship.


  1. Do not take your resume for granted

When you applying as an intern very few people actually read your resume but this shouldn’t stop you from having the best one that you can possibly have. With no experience, you might wonder what to add to it – this is why volunteering at organizations is important. However if you have never worked or volunteered anywhere just indicate your educational background and do it well.


  1. Be aggressive

You might think that constantly emailing people as you ask for an opportunity is annoying, but sometimes it proves persistence and they eventually call you for an interview. However if the organization tells you that they have no space or it isn’t possible, do not push. Only push if you do not get a response and do it politely.


  1. Prep for the interview

Even if you have applied as intern in the circus make sure you look good for your interview. Not too bold, not underdressed but presentable. Also do a little bit of research on the organization and be well versed with current affairs. It never hurts to be early, so be early. This also helps you ease into the environment before the interview begins.


  1. Don’t just land it, keep it and climb the ladder

Be ambitious and give that internship everything you’ve got when you get there. Make sure to learn as many things as possible, be friendly with co-workers but not too friendly. Do what you are told and even more if you can.

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