Networking is essential for any student if you want to get ahead. Below are five ways I suggest networking as a college student. Anyone can and should use these methods to build an effective set of relationships that will support you throughout your career.

Get onto Social Media

Through apps like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you get exposed to a lot of professionals in a variety of fields who can help with you with something somewhere. Take advantage of how easy it is to find people and communicate with them to put yourself out there, get to know them and possible open yourself some doors.

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Speak to Lecturers

They too were once students so they know the struggle and would be more than willing o help you out if only you ask them. If they work for a company part time or previously were employed in the sector about which they teach, they would be able to help connect you to get to know people.

Use Friends/Family

If you have older siblings, they may know some people who know some people. Talk to them and find out before you start struggling to talk to strangers who may try to trick you knowing you are desperate.


Collect Biz Cards

When you meet people, make sure to save their numbers or keep their cards; you never know when you’ll need their assistance or knowledge.

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Go up to people

Whether it’s at events or when guest speakers go to your university, have the courage to go up to them and speak with them. Most importantly, get their numbers or emails so you can talk further. It could also be in the bus or at the bar; you never know who you could meet in the oddest places and how much they can do for you.