University students learn to survive on Campus by using the most unconventional means. There is nothing as humiliating as going broke in the University. Being broke is the root of all evil so to say. Students get depressed and when the pressure accumulates they literally ‘blow up’! Have you ever asked yourself why most strikes in Kenyan Universities have a 100% success rate? I will give you the answer, broke-ness! Every situation has a solution and here are 5 ways to ask for more cash from parents:

1.School Trips

Whether academic or club trips, parents always oblige in giving more money to students. The trick is to sell out the idea in a way that it gets accepted straight forward. Most calls made to parents on school trips are always lies but students need the money and this is one way to get it.

2. Assignments

I recall asking for 1000 bob for my research paper. I made it look so important that the money was sent (plus ya kutoa). The original cost of completing my project was 500 bob, the extra cash was used in buying useless stuff like my white Tshirt that seemed to attract more females. Assignments have continued to be another reference point when asking for money from parents.

3. Medical Conditions

When students get to Campus they tend to become allergic to some foods and the new climatic conditions. Most parents understand this and give out extra money to cater for such conditions. As time goes on students’ bodies become resistant and they get used to the new environment. But they never inform their parents to cut the funding but instead continue enjoying the extra cash.

4. Lost items

Have you ever made a call home and said that you had lost your phone while in real sense you are using the same phone to make the call? It happens and it is the easiest way to get any extra coins you might be needing at that time.

5. Use of Jargon

Kenyan parents do not involve themselves much in the trendy world that is the 21st Century. Students have learnt this and use some made up words to get money sent to them. Back in High School there was ‘photosynthesis’ which earned some of my classmates extra money. On campus you might use ‘Mwaks’ (Cheating material in exams) to squeeze some funds from your parents’ pockets. “Dad, the lecturer told us to buy ‘Mwaks’ from the bookshop,” you might say.