How many times have you looked around and seen someone stare at their phone and make a cheeky smile or naughty smirk? Chances are the person has received a hot stimulating and extremely raunchy text or photo from their significant other.

Sexting is fun, sexy and comes in handy when your bae is further away from you than they should be. However you choose to sext, always remember there’s always an element of risk involved.

Thus when you decide to take that risk, follow these simple steps to avoid any embarrassments or internet leaks:

1: Agree to keep the sexts between the two of you

You definitely trust bae but you need some reassurance that he/she won’t go around showing off that pic of your twat/cane to everyone.


2: Sext in the privacy of your room

Make sure you sexting alone. It’s also courteous to others if you are in a group to give attention e=when needed. Imagine if the lecturer asked you to step in front of the class and read out what you were laughing about…… just imagine.

3: Keep your phone private

Always put a pass code on your online for the sake of privacy. Some people can get too snoopy and others could get super nosy and send themselves those naughty pics of you and who knows where they could end up.


4: Delete the evidence

The safest option when sexting is deleting all evidence, especially if you are prone to losing your phone. You will definitely give the person who finds your phone a good show if you don’t delete.

5. Never show your face

There are many pictures on the internet. However, you may be surprised to know that many of those girls were sending the pics top their boo’s. Safest way to avoid ever being one of them, never take a nude pic with your face in it.


So this weekend as you sext your lover, be safe about it.