You’ve been seeing this girl in your school that you’re attracted to. You want to step up to her, swoop her off her feet like a real stud and all. Thing is, you just don’t know how to go about getting your “Miss Right” in “the box”.

Well, you could try working on the following tips and see how it goes from there:

  1. Confidence

Self confidence is the basis of seduction and by extension the basis of most things in life. Walk tall and say it with your chest! Well, not in a loud kind of way, just speak with confidence. The person you’re seeking to seduce isn’t particularly special (she is, but… you’ll get what I mean). Beyond the alluring facade, once you know them better you’ll realize they also have irritating habits, insecurities and flaws just like everyone else; just like you.


However critical confidence is, overconfidence is dangerous. You must therefore strive to strike an even balance.