We have all been in relationships and like all good things they come to an end. Love is complicated and requires a higher IQ to understand some issues especially when it comes to girls or ladies for that matter. Do you understand women? No? Sometimes it gets even harder for a woman to understand herself.

When parties in a relationship don’t have a mutual understanding then it ends. In campus it’s normally over simple stuff like double tapping on another girl’s hot Instagram post. I overheard an argument sometimes back where the lady was pissed because of the above issue. “Like Bae you just login on Instagram with data, go through hundreds of pictures then stop, take a breath and use the energy in your fingers to double tap on that girl’s picture?”, she kept shouting.

They broke up. So have you ever stopped to think about past relationships? I’m sure you got the best experience but have you ever said ‘Thank You’ to your Ex? Well here’s how:

  1. Send Flowers

Crazy right? But then what will it cost you, money ofcourse! Send some flowers and let it be anonymous just like great jokes that are stolen on Twitter to make guys laugh on Facebook weeks later. Send Roses and make sure they have so many thorns! Let it surprise but also prick them.

2. Post Pictures on Social Media

I don’t mean any regular pictures but great shots. Include your new catch and tag them along. Hold them in a romantic way and show that great Romeo and Juliet love before they decided to die. Use tonnes of filter and emoji, just put on a show like a performance at The Grammys.

3. Stop Texting

It does hurt to break up with someone you knew and loved for a long time. When you stop disturbing them with numerous texts and calls they will appreciate it. They will get the idea that things did actually end.

4. Be happy for them

When they finally get someone else appreciate it. If your guy gets another hot looking model for a girlfriend boast about it. Tell your girls that you taught your former man to pick the best and don’t bother tearing the new lady down.

5. Change

Broken hearts do the most stupid stuff when they cannot handle the PRS (Post Relationship Stress). Changing can be the best gift to give any Ex. If they treated you like crap in relationship don’t buy a gun to shoot them! Give them their own space and let them explore a new adventure! Damn I sounded heartless there but whatchu gone do? Issa wrap!