Trending on twitter today is #MyideaofaperfectKenya. As much as studies show that most Kenyan youth would do just anything for money including indulging in corrupt activities, there are still a few hopefuls out there who want good things for their country.

Top on the list are the following:

  1. Unity

Ethnicity is our beauty but our poison. It is what brings cultural diversity but also division along tribal lines. Most people just want to be over and done with tribalism and state it among the things that are killing our country.


2. Equality

We are all well aware that the law in our country in mostly subjective. Kenyans would like a country where everybody abides by the law, legislators, police, politicians and citizens alike.


3. Opportunities for the youth

A big problem in this country is that not so many people are able to earn that mullah.  Kenyans want better employment opportunities to better be able to sustain themselves.


4. Conservation

Some Kenyans are exhausted by environmental waste which is causing climate change in Kenya.  They want a better environment and conservation policies put in place.


5. Natural beauties

There are people pout there who still appreciate natural beauty and want Kenyan  women to embrace it. Too much plasticity out there.


What is your idea of a perfect Kenya? Tell us below.