6 Campus Clubs You Need To Join


Life in campus can be exciting and confusing at the same time. One moment you are living it large, the next you are not. Apart from the popular belief that campus is all about fun, there is actually some real life choices like what career path you plan on taking after your scheduled time in school. Here, clubs play a great role in helping you choose what career you might just end up.

Here are some of the clubs in campus that you should definitely join;

  1. Environmental club.

A lot of schools have the environmental club. This club basically focuses on the importance of having a good, well maintained natural environment. With lessons from this club, you can be able to choose career paths that include an environmental activist, a conservationist,


  1. Health club

Our health is definitely our wealth. The health club in any school focuses on enlightening us on the great benefits of knowing our health status and equipping us with the skills of how to react to a new disease, how to deal with current diseases through first aid practices and how to maintain the good health status if it is there. With the knowledge gained from this club, one can join first aid and be an assistant nurse or a medical official in your home town it could lead you to even being an activist for health rights in the country.


  1. Peace club.

With the current chaotic state of the world, knowing what peace is all about is important. Joining the peace club will give you a chance to know more about Diplomacy, treaties, settling disputes and handling victims of any war. With these skills, one can end up being an ambassador, a politician, a mediator or even the head of state.


  1. Speech and writing club

Although not all of us are born public speakers, knowing how to write a speech and critic one is important in our career paths. Also knowing how to write other different formal and informal pieces in the required standards is important. From the speech and writing club one can work as a teacher, a free-lance writer for any local paper, a speaker or an analyst for the articles written by other people.


  1. Arts and theatre club

Most of us get to realize our talents and skills in campus and therefore we tend to look for clubs that will help us in sharpening the skills and also practicing the talents. The arts and theatre club caters for the actors, musicians, song writers, play writers and directors plus producers. Therefore this club directly gives you the choice of being one of the above after school.


Are you in any of these clubs? Tell us how it has helped you below.