Relationships are golden and heaven sent happenings that take place between two people who are trying to work out their Physics so as to turn it into Chemistry that might end up bringing biological refunds. This was the original meaning of a relationship until this new generation turned it upside down. These days a small plastic can of Valon lasts more than most relationships among Kenyan youth. There is a new breed of young adults who have completely abandoned relationships and they have brought up 6 excuses to support their decision.

  1. Playing Second Fiddle

Relationships these days are based on odds just like in the betting world. Youth weigh their options especially when they get into a relationship. That is why one would be dating two people just to see who among them has better chances of survival. This tends to relegate most of them to position two and it is not a good spot. No one knows the second man to ever land on the moon either!

2. Rebounds

Have you ever gotten into a relationship just to make your Ex jealous? Every human being has a response mechanism that always wants to show the best in them. A guy might decide to date a girl just because he was left. This will turn the new girl into a rebound girlfriend! She will hang around the guy but it becomes bitter for them because they are only trophies.

3. Bad Company

There is a saying that goes, ‘show me your company and I will tell you what type of person you are’. Young adults who are mature enough for a relationship are put off by others who are always making stupid decisions. You can’t hang around a guy who is always at a party on weekends. Girls who always look forward to the weekend to turn up are a complete turn off these days.

4. Dating Code

There is a rule in the Brocode that a bro should never date an ex of another bro in the same bro-community. I am quite sure girls have this too. You can never date someone who was dating a close friend! Breaking this code causes serious damages to friendship but also inhibits a new relationship from growing.

5. Unavailability

I know guys who have dated girls just because their dream date was dating another guy. Girls do this too. This can be termed as Mercy-dating. You are waiting for your dream date to break up with their partner so that you squeeze into the window of opportunity. The famous Twitter caption of ‘Mtaachana tu’ takes over and the person you are with is only for a temporary period.

6. Out of ‘My’ League

This phrase is the most honest statement that ever existed in the dating world. Some guys or girls are never meant to be together because of differences that define their ‘league’. This excuse is given in fear but if there is truth behind it, please play in your league!