Oh ya, I said it. If you want to be classified as ratchet, try some of these habits:

  1. Littering

Honey, even kittens clean after themselves, so should you. If you want your bedroom looking like a circus, that’s cool but the streets are not your bedroom. Next time before you buy and bite that banana…think about where you are going to dump the peel.

2. Overlapping

You are at a wedding and you are hungry as hell and the queue is moving at snail speed. Do not overlap…that’s for the elderly. Wait your turn. Put a little something in your tummy before you go for a wedding or any party so that your hunger pangs don’t come raging at you, making you look like a little hog.

3. Faking it

They say if you got it, flaunt it but if you don’t keep it in the bag. Cleavage is for ladies who actually have a bust. Bare chest is not for show. Every lady has atleast one nice thing she can flaunt. If it’s your tush and hips wear nice fitting pants not baggy pants(you are not a boy in the 90s) or extremely tight ones (those will rip as you board a matatu or if you endure a fall).

Accentuate the real parts of your body.

4. Bleach

Stick to your natural skin tone, if not, stay indoors and avoid the sun at all costs, but please don’t bleach!!

5. Wearing smaller clothes

Nobody wants to see what is holding up your boobs. Lets leave that tid bit to the imagination.

6. Urinating on the streets

Guys, we know you have an advantage of peeing anywhere you please. However, if you do this, it instantly qualifies you as a ratchet.

So please stop these habits to avoid being deemed ratchet!