We do not think we are the good behavior police but there are some habits you need to stop, especially in public so as to succeed in interviews, jobs and life in general.

  1. Untwisting knickers in public

Old people especially have this habit of “kutoa lunch” or scratching their butts even on the streets!

  1. Nose and mouth picking

Kids are the only people allowed to do this (at least out in the open). Adults however do it all the time. Buy a hanky, please.


  1. Sleeping with make up on

Okay, even I am a culprit. Sometimes you just feel too lazy to wipe off the make-up especially after a long day. Don’t do it too often though, it isn’t good for your skin.

  1. Talking on the phone too loud

Just when you are in the middle of a movie and somebody in the room receives a call and you have to pause or rewind. Do not be these people.


  1. Nail biting

I can name many who have nails half the size of what they should really be. Sometimes nail biting is caused by anxiety or absent mindedness.


  1. Farting

My parents always urged me to fart in the toilet and in the toilet alone, but sometimes there isn’t one available. I bet most people fart in public when they think they can get away with it. Just don’t do it in an elevator.


Any other habit you think people need to stop? Tell us below.