The 6 Most used Words In Campus


Kenyan societies have a way of communicating that always identifies them with a certain environment or class. People who live in urban areas have their own slang which is different from those that hail from the rural areas of the Country. Language has always been used to create a particular conclusion about the attributes of any individual. University students also form a unique society and their language use is meant to distinguish them from other people. I have gathered 6 words that are most used by campus students.

  1. ‘Mwakenya’

This is the most used word in most Kenya campuses. We area cheating generation and this word comes in handy because it stands for material that is used to help an individual in an exam room against the normal set rules.This involves writing down notes on to small pieces of paper and making sure you don’t get caught.

The Evolution Of Mwakenya

2. Exile

Exile is a term that most campus students use to describe a situation where one member of the room in hostels needs it more than the rest of their roommates. In situations like these the subject is always another student of the opposite sex. For these kind of experiments one member has to ‘send away’ the other guys into exile so that they may have piece with their subject.

3. Fresha

It is the new semester and we have recently received new faces in school. The latest recruits are referred to as Freshas. These are students who are in their first semester. They are normally confused and lost almost all the time. The senior members of the school or the continuing students always find fun in using this title while referring to the fresh meat.

Fresher Diaries: Expectations Vs Reality

4. Import

Importing is bringing in items that are not normally found easily in a region. When a student from say University of Nairobi calls up their girlfriend from Maseno University to come visit, the girl in this scenario becomes the import. Alien students from other campuses visiting another campus are referred to as Imports.

5. Elder

These are senior students on campus. They mostly start from 3rd year to 4th year. Second years are normally too busy to notice their role in campuses because they are too busy changing hairstyles and clothes so as to fit in.

6. Mess

If you have never heard about this word then you are lost. The Mess is where students go to eat. Most Universities in Kenya do not allow students to cook in hostels so instead they provide an alternative by offering food in their restaurants. They are referred to as Mess and they have ridiculous prices for food. I recall  I used to buy Chapati at 12 bob back on Campus. LOL

Any other words you feel should be on the list? Tell us below.