6 Simple Natural Hangover Remedies

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2015)

So it’s Monday again, and with exams being over, you have the mother of hangovers and she just came with her juniors to give you the perfect headache.

As much as medication could be a fast acting relief, there are several remedies that are readily available to cure that headache completely when meds are just not within reach.

1. Drink up

On average we don’t drink enough water daily, and that alone is cause for a headache. Coffee, alcohol, sugary drinks-all can dehydrate you (hence the pounding headache that comes along with a hangover) and should be avoided. As soon as your head starts to hurt, drink a tall glass of water, and then sip throughout the day. Gradually the pain will start to ease up, and you’ll be hurting less and well-hydrated to boot. Simply drinking water may seem too obvious or simple to actually work as a headache remedy but it can, and often time’s does. We humans often just seem to feel the need to make things more complicated than they are.

6 Simple Natural Hangover Remedies

  1. Bite on a pencil:

Holding a pencil between your teeth (holding, not biting or clenching your jaw) can help a tension headache dissipate. The actual physical action of holding the pencil between your teeth activates your “smile” muscles, relaxing your jaw. We often times clench our teeth when stressed and this in turn strains the muscle connecting the jaw to the temples and causes a tension headache. Again, make sure your jaw is relaxed and the pencil is held lightly between your teeth.

6 Simple Natural Hangover Remedies

  1. Chilli

Utilizing something spicy may not sound headache helpful, but cayenne is somewhat revered in the kingdom of natural remedies to treat pain and inflammation. The secret behind its success lies in an ingredient called capsaicin, which inhibits something in our body. When applied topically to the nasal passages; people experience a significant decrease in the severity of their headaches, all thanks to capsaicin.

6 Simple Natural Hangover Remedies

  1. Do-it-yourself scalp massages

They can be an effective way to alleviate headache  pain, and they feel great. Researchers in Brazil showed that massaging the greater occipital nerve relieves pain caused by headaches.

6 Simple Natural Hangover Remedies

5. Bananas

When you are hangover, bananas should be your best friend. Your body loses potassium when you are drunk, so the bananas will help you replace the missing potassium.

6 Simple Natural Hangover Remedies

6. Take a shower

6 Simple Natural Hangover Remedies


Any other natural hangover remedies you know? Let us know below.


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