What is Ramadan? According to the Islam, it is the month of fasting. The fasting is brought about, in memory of the first revelation of the Quran to Mohamed. It is a MUST all Muslims observe it. You get to eat before dawn and after the sun sets. Ramadan’s main agenda is self-cleansing.

Now what you didn’t know, you can’t fast and do the following:

  1. You can’t eat food, drink water; chew gum like you can’t consume anything in between morning and evening. Sounds hard, but you get to eat as much as you can as soon as the sun sets.


2. You can’t fast and be on medication, at the same time. Medicines are food, huh? Swallowing those pills with water isn’t allowed.

3. A lady can’t partake in the fast, if she is on her menstrual periods. She considered unclean. The irony, cause fasting is supposed to cleanse you.

4. Sexual relations during the fasting period are prohibited. So a married couple can only indulge in that, after the evening break of the fast.


5. Are you a zero chills person? When fasting you have to be nice, I mean no insults, no roasts, no white lies, no F you’s. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.

6. You have to be 30 days clean, before you partake in fasting activities. You like your whiskey? Stay away for it for a month? Such a mission. Egypt makes it easy; alcohol sale is prohibited during Ramadhan.

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