Things you didn’t know were good for your looks

  1. Henna

Often used decoratively for weddings and other occasions for Muslim ladies but it is also really good for your hair. Henna actually helps with strengthening your hair and could double up as a dying agent for natural hair. It isn’t harmful unlike bleaches and other dyes that cause hair with certain texture to cut.


  1. Honey/ sugar

If you cannot afford to buy these you could apply honey on your face and let it dry. Sugar works well to exfoliate your skin. Add some sugar to you shower gel and see the glow that your skin will develop.

3. Aloe Vera

Drank or applied, Aloe Vera works wonders for the skin and the body in generally due to its detoxifying nature.

 4. Baby oil

Are you out of make-up removal wipes? Get some baby oil (and cotton wool); it will wipe of that eye shadow/liner/pencil right off.  Baby oil is also really good for your skin.

5. Banana peels

When you are done eating a banana you could keep the peel to help with giving your shoes that extra shine. Rub the banana peels on your leather shoes to achieve that extra polished look. Whitening your teeth is another thing that banana peels can do for you. Guess it works for your teeth the way it works for your shoes. Rub the peel on your teeth regularly and see results.

6. Baby powder

This could come in handy when you want to get those eyelashes to have some volume.  Apply baby powder to your eyelashes before you apply mascara and voila!