The first thing you need to know is that high school teachers and university lecturers are extremely different. You need to make your own efforts to get close to them, they will not follow you up to see if you are doing okay or struggling. Here’s a few ways you can try and do to interact with your lecturers.

Introduce yourself at the beginning of semester

Make sure that from the first lesson, the lecturer knows your name and face. You can do this by telling them your name as you answer questions and also ask questions so that they remember who you are. At the beginning of the semester, most people are quiet and reluctant to talk so be the one who spoke in the lesson without being forced.

Address them properly

Refer to them as Sir, Mrs. or professor. People with titles love for people to refer to them using those titles. Make sure you’re polite; it’s a great quality to have.

Sit at the front

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This way, the lecturer can memorize your face and refer to you when they want remember where you left off in the previous class or if they have questions about whether you’ve understood.

Be attentive in their classes

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They’ll remember you as one of the more attentive members of the class. Pay attention so you can pass the classes well. If you perform well in the C.A.T. they’ll recall that so-and-so was one of the better performing people in their class.

Ask questions in class

Participating in class is surefire way of getting your lecturer to remember who you are so that if you go speak to them outside class. By asking questions, you show that you care to understand the units which will make the teacher think positively of you. When they ask someone to complete a question on the board, volunteer to do so.

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Talk to them outside class


Follow up after class and don’t only look to speak to them in class. You can go consult about an exam question you found difficult or where to find past papers. Don’t fear your lecturers; they’re there to help you pass in your studies.

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Dont worry if people refer to you as a teachers pet, they will remember you as you pass them in your big car!