We can’t control the weather, but we can be prepared for it. Sometimes the rain get you down because you imagine how late you are going to get home and sometimes dripping wet and uncomfortable from wet shoes and socks. Here are few hacks to help you get through the rain.

  1. Have a portable charger, snack and earphones for the journey

You might get dead bored if all you can hear in the matatu is raindrops. In Nairobi you might spend up to 2 hours in traffic due to the rain. You could enjoy a snack and some good music during the wait. If your battery drains out, your portable charger will come in handy.

  1. Put rolled up newspapers in your shoes

You might home with your shoes wet after wading in the water. Roll up a newspaper into balls and place them in your shoes to absorb the water. You might have to replace them though.


  1. Invest in a good umbrella and (or) raincoat

Not too many people are fans of raincoats but they cover up everything you are carrying and less cumbersome than umbrellas. However if this isn’t your cup of tea, get yourself a good umbrella that can fit in your bag. Don’t settle for a sh. 50 brolly — you’ll wind up spending more money on umbrellas in the long run. Look for models with solid rivets (when you can’t see through a hole that connects two parts of the umbrella), grippy handles, and a high-quality frame that isn’t aluminum.


  1. Leather over suede

Suede clothing is often faded by the rain so opt for leather jackets. Rain drops easily roll of them, and you could always wipe them with a hand towel, leather in non-absorbent.


  1. Rain boots

This is another rain accessory not many people are fans of but they really come in handy, your feet wouldn’t get wet in them. These days there are many stylish options for rain boots. You can purchase at least a pair that can match any outfit.


  1. Carry an extra pair of socks, in case the ones you have on get wet. Wet socks can be really irritating and can get you sick.


7. Never wear white  – So yea, white looks awesome and is classy, however you don’t want to be the chick who has mud stains all over her jeans so avoid white outfits as much as possible.


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