Let’s face it, nice guys always finish last or never finish at all. Well, because ….nice is not enough for girls.

Here is why girls will always choose bad boys over nice ones:

Their niceness doesn’t come out as genuine

Nice guys spend their entire lives playing Mother Teresa, and well, it is very doubtful that someone can be that nice if he is not a saint. Women instinctively don’t trust that. Bad boys always keep it real and that comes out as more genuine.

They are too easy

Some women think if they can “create” the perfect man, he will never leave them. Hence, women love to feel needed and like they’re actually working hard to create something out of someone. Nice guys are somewhat perfect and don’t need fixing.

Bad boys are absolutely sexy!

It is almost never that bad boys aren’t fly. When a woman gets to describe a nice guy, there’s usually not much into it. They are just nice and nothing more.

Nice guys aren’t charming

There is a reason why bad boys are called so. Because they’re so deceiving and so good at their games. They know what women want to hear. Nice guys are usually at a loss of words; and if they’re going to say something nice, it is definitely corny and boring.

They are weak

It is probably an illusion that boys are usually strong and hence, protect their women. Nice guys, well, are usually geeks, weak and small. Women need security.

Loving bad boys is in our genes.

Women are designed to nurture. However, instead of doing this with children, they often end up doing it with bad boys.

They do not have self-respect.

A bad boy doesn’t let a woman walk all over him or control him. Nice guys are extremely nice and end up being a doormat to step on. No one respects a doormat.

In other words, here are easy ways to spot a nice guy;

Ladies, are you into bad boys and why. Let us know below.