7 Tips on How To Achieve A High GPA in Uni – A Must Read For Freshers!


It is the first semester of your first year and it is exciting. The new found independence and freedom you will experience is like never before. However, it is important to remember the reason you are there. In uni, your Grade Point Average (GPA) is very important to keep your stay pleasurable and the right amount of duration. Here are some top 7 tips on how you can achieve and maintain a high GPA throughout your campus stay.

1. Select, dont settle. To get good grades in college, it’s very important that you pick the right courses. Many people go into university with no idea as to what they want to study. If you are like this you will therefore be blown by the wind anywhere and years down the line wonder how you ended up there. Pick classes that you think you can do and be sure to pick the right level in required courses such as math, English comp, sciences, and languages. Pick your courses one by one, paying careful attention that some fulfill distribution requirements, some count to a possible major, some satisfy some interest of yours, and at least one is something that somehow “sounds interesting.” You’ll do better if you’ve made the right choices.

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