With the Elnino rains, it is quite saddening to hear over 20 people have died from floods so far.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to avoid excessive damage or even loss of life this December:

1. Move costly possessions and important documents – shift valuable and electrical goods off the floor for their own protection, ideally upstairs.

2. Protect soft furnishings. Carpets can be moved upstairs if flooding looks likely and you can throw curtains over their rails to protect them.

3. Stock up on sandbags – buy in flood boards and sandbags to block doorways with, as these will help you fight the flooding and protect your home. Sandbags have been used to block doorways, drains and other openings into properties as well as to weigh-down manhole covers, garden furniture and to block sink, toilet and bath drains to prevent water backing up.

4. Protect irreplaceables. Items of sentimental value, such as photos, should be packed in waterproof bags and put somewhere safe, ideally upstairs. No amount of insurance money can bring these back, so put them out of harm’s way.
5. List useful contacts – write down important numbers and keep them close.

6. Pack a flood kit – put together an emergency kit containing personal IDs, any required medication and a change of clothing in case you do need to evacuate your home.

7. Keep informed. Watch the weather forecast and check the Met Office to make sure you’re up-to-date on any threats.

So stay safe and stay dry.