Recently we heard the story of a UON student who was allegedly killed by her Briton boyfriend. They met online and after their online relationship progressed, he came to Kenya to meet her and as a relationship would have it, they moved in together. As time went by he allegedly  flushed her diabetic medicine down the toilet which eventually led to her untimely death. He is currently awaiting trial, and her family; I can imagine, are in complete and utter shock.

Online relationships are so common in our digital world that nobody even second guesses it. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or in uni or just started a new job, the idea of love is exciting making you susceptible to falling for somebody you have never met physically. Don’t get me wrong, not all online relationships go sour, however, if you are interested or are currently in one, then here are some pointers to help keep you alert.

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  1. Trust your instincts: Your gut feeling is actually a powerful sense. If something doesn’t add up about the person, let them go.
  2. Never give out personal information too soon: Do not give out your home address or home number so soon. You can be surprised all you can do with a simple phone number nowadays i.e track ID.
  3. Set up an anonymous email account: Just as a security risk and to keep your privacy, create an anonymous account.


4. Run a background check: when you have enough information on the person, do a background check on them, just to make sure.

5. Follow your heart and your brain: There will be people who will question your choices especially for those who meet online. No matter what people say, it is your choice. Just make sure you use common sense and always be on the lookout for your safety. Sometimes we don’t see everything objectively when we are in love.

6. Be yourself: The same way you do not want people to lie to you, you should do the same. Honesty is always the best policy.

7. Meet in a public place: Make sure your first meeting is in a public setting even somewhere your friends could be near no matter what they suggest.

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Having followed these simple steps, you are safe to begin the online process. If everything goes well do tell us how it went.

Are you currently in an online relationship? Did you meet your bae online? Tell us.