A Ugandan child rapper has been told to put down his microphone because he is too young to perform.Youth minister Florence Nakiwala told the BBC that the country’s labour laws state that no-one under 18 should work.

The 7 year old decided to go back to school amidst his arrest. Education is the key to life as many puts it. After a long controversy involving a 7 year old and the state, the kid has decided to give in.


Music is something that the young star can pursue but time for schooling is really moving. As he decides to go back to school, we extend our wishes to him towards making a good choice.

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A call goes to all those who manage young ones. The right to education should be accorded to all. Even though working on a talent is advisable, some things should be secondary. For Fresh Kid his star was rising so fast and now that he is back to school, he will shine more.