8 Facts About Cece Sagini


Cece Sagini just released a new single featuring Kibera’s finest, Octopizzo dubbed ‘I’m A Doer. ‘ The contents of this song is crystal clear as it gives a listener that pat on the back to step out of their comfort zone and work.

Here are some fun facts about this soulful diva:

1.Cece is dating Sharon Mundia’s photographer, Victor Peace.

2. Cece likes to hit the gym to keep her body fit and maintain her curves.

3. Cece is Kisii.Yes! Her curves sell her out. Her beauty tells it all.

4. She is a blogger. She talks about her music path and basically her lifestyle here. 5. #CeCeOnAMission is her official hashtag to reiterate her milestone. She takes It to her instagram to show her journey to her followers and fans.  

#CeceOnAMission #CeceOnAMission 💋 A photo posted by Cece Sagini | #CeceOnAMission (@cecesagini) on

6. Cece is a USIU alumni.

7. She is 24 years old.

8. This is the first time for this soulful singer to trend on Twitter, and we have a feeling this isnt the last time.


#CeceOnAMission #CeceOnAMission 💋

A photo posted by Cece Sagini | #CeceOnAMission (@cecesagini) on

Congratulations girl!! Love the track, if you havnt sen I’m a doer by Cece featuring Octopizzo, check out our video of the week!